I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth

I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth


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The artist - FAES

About FAES

He draws, eats and laughs in equal measure. And if he stops, he gets bored.

The CV of Juan Díaz-Faes is the reflection of his personality, the life story of a createaholic. Born in Oviedo (1982), Juan Díaz-Faes studied Fine Arts at Salamanca University and worked as a camera operator before embarking on a professional career as an illustrator and comic book artist.

He has worked with publications such as Yorokobu, Ling (Vueling), GQ and El País, among others, and on campaigns for brands including San Miguel, Nickelodeon, Ford and Vodafone. He was nominated Best Newcomer at the Barcelona Salón de Cómic 2013 and has published over 10 books including his humorous “dictionaries of poo,” Escacalógico (2014) and Cromaticaca (2015), or his activity book, 100 pelis para ver y darle al coco (2019).

Since 2017 and with the support of Colección SOLO, Juan Díaz-Faes has focussed on his personal arts projects. He has created artworks on walls in Wynwood Art District, Miami; Guangzhou, China, and for the Galería Vertical project in Reinosa, Cantabria. Other highlights include the four-metre site-specific work developed for Espacio SOLO Madrid, his Black FAES universe limited edition ceramics and the BlackS Claudio, unique artworks created with up-cycled wood.