I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth

I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth


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Decorative handmade ceramic art & sculptures - ByFaes


Economy of means, simple shapes and the absence of colour. Experiment with the minimum and let characters, stories and whole new worlds emerge. 

That’s the challenge the artist set himself in the development of the Black FAES universe. Starting out from minimal geometric forms, Juan Díaz-Faes adds eyes and a mouth so that shapes come to life. The most commonly recurring feature in his work is the simple face made of two circles and a line, a friendly being who shows up in the most unexpected places. On a tractor’s spare tyre, a ceramic figure, a plank of wood or a baseball cap; wherever they may be, these artworks look the viewer straight in the eye. Each of them is brimming with personality. This is geometry turned into a bunch of mates.


Limited edition

In the Blackfaes sculpture edition, Juan Díaz-Faes has designed six sculptures that are limited edition and are sent with a certificate of authenticity.


The sculptures are constructed in ceramics and with the support of the artisans of the Ceramic Center of Talavera de la Reina, Toledo.

Original figures

Each figure, owner of an original pattern created by Juan Díaz-Faes, tells a story by which it was created.