I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth

I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth


The Artist

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Reclaimed wood wall art - ByFaes


Each BlackS Claudio is doubly unique. 

These works are created from recovered planks of wood, customised with love by Juan Díaz-Faes. As the artist explains, “the idea is to conserve the beauty of the object itself, to ask that the material tell a story that I can’t or don’t usually narrate.” 

From their previous lives as factory fittings, each BlackS Claudio conserves marks, stains and the spirit of those who worked with them. The grain of wood breathes history, the paused rhythm of the past. In contrast, the work of Juan Díaz-Faes is dynamic, immediate. “I see very quickly which part I like and if I think about it too much I get bored.” Paintbrush in hand, he launches into an urgent dialogue between artist and object. Art of today with the soul of times gone by.

Unique wooden pieces

Each BLacks Claudio is unique, designed by Juan Díaz-Faes. The work is sent with certificate of authenticity.


They are crafted on recovered wood and hand painted with unique black patterns on each model.

BlackS Claudio Wall

Curate a unique art installation for your home by combining different Blacks Claudio. Artworks with history, customised by you!