I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth

I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth


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Ring Ring Collection - FAES


Brass and silver handcrafted unique rings by Juan Díaz-Faes

An all-time classic crossed with street-style attitude. Ring Ring fuses two worlds, opening up brand new opportunities define our own look. Each piece is explosive, a shot of pure energy transformed into jewellery, created by Juan Díaz-Faes.

The signet ring, a timeless piece and family symbol passed down from one generation to the next, served as inspiration for the artist. He remembered the old folks wearing them back in Asturias, the region of northern Spain where he’s originally from.

Díaz-Faes thought about the sagas a signet ring might have lived through and the movements that shape our present. Street culture and its everyday stars, like the students he works with at a community Arts Institute in Cantabria. “There are phrases that define them, and others that represent us all,” he explains.

A journey into the past, with an eye firmly on the present; that was the starting point for this collection by Díaz-Faes. He researched materials, worked on moulds and studied handcrafted jewellery, searching for the way to bring his trademark lettering into play. The result is Ring Ring, a jewellery collection in which the latest trends are infused with the elegance of bygone years, an invitation to endless creative mash-up.

Ring Ring launches with a collection of rings, handcrafted in brass and silver by lost-wax casting, available in different models for men and women.


Handcrafted rings

Unique peices

Brass and silver