I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth

I’m Juan Díaz Faes, the best guy on the face of the Earth


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Caesar Special Edition


Caesar is the first character in the “Rotten Fowls”, the art toys line created by Díaz-Faes.

Rotten Fowls is one the most dangerous gangs in the city. After the intellectual bird uprising of the (S.XXIII) the Rotten Fowl gang is trying to become the only species that can coexist on earth. Known for their historic fighting experience after many years of convictions in small prisons throughout the land, makes Rotten Fowls one of the biggest problems of the outskirts of DownTown.

  • Edition: Limited edition of 200
  • Material: Resin
  • Height: 22cm
  • Weight: 280g
  • Free Shipping


Nota: Las obras hechas a mano tienen el valor de ser únicas y presentan pequeños matices. Cada piezas es hecha con el máximo cariño para que sea una obra perfecta y pueden tener pequeñas diferencias que transmiten personalidad y autenticidad a la obra.